Ferndale’s Second Medical Marijuana Facility

Cannabis seed is a very effective food source. Technically, the so-called ‘hempin’ heart is rich in healthy proteins and minerals. The soft creamy ‘heart’ is consumed after the hard shells of the hemp seed are removed. You can fry cannabis seeds, which are versatile forms of use, you can add to your dishes or salads. Here are the health benefits of cannabis seed;

1. Rich in Vitamins

30% of cannabis seeds contain omega-3 plant nutritional linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, which are of great importance for health. In addition, cannabis seeds contain gama-linoleic acid, which is able to function normally in body cells, cell renewal, nervous system and muscles.

Cannabis seed contains protein, E vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc, which are essential requirements of the body by 25%. In this respect, hemp seed is an excellent source of nutrients.

2. Heart Health

Cannabis seed contains numerous compounds beneficial to heart health, particularly arginine amino acid. L-arginine is the forerunner of nitric oxide in our body. In addition to increasing blood flow, it helps to maintain optimal blood pressure. The role of nitric oxide is to support the formation of muscle cells and to relieve blood vessels. Nitric oxide deficiency can lead to vascular occlusion and coronary heart disease.

Another effect of gamma-linoleic acid, which is abundant in hemp seed, is anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown that cannabis seeds prevent blood clotting, accelerating the healing process after heart attack.

3. Skin Health

Fatty acid deficiencies in the body can manifest itself as many different skin problems. Eczema, callus, heel crack are some of the skin problems caused by fatty acid deficiencies. Cannabis seeds help protect skin health through the abundance of omega-3 and ample amounts of omega-6. Research has shown that consuming flaxseed oil reduces the symptoms of atopic dermatitis and shows protective effects against potential eczema.

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